Low FODMAP Recipes

Quick & Easy Low FODMAP Recipes

I grew up on convenience foods. I knew how to cook Kraft Mac & Cheese and Ramen Noodles by the time I was 7 years old. We had a freezer full of TV Dinners. Both my parents worked and while my Mom did the cooking, she always went for easy meals. (In her defense, she’s a fantastic baker and with 3 picky eaters, it must have been difficult. Love you, Mom!)

Never did I think I would be making my own sauces and foods from scratch that you can easily buy at the store, even after I went gluten free years ago. However, since I have started on the low FODMAP diet, I have become quite good at cooking… and have come to enjoy it. I usually make large batches of low FODMAP food and utilize the freezer frequently. Right now our freezer is packed full of homemade, safe goodies.

If you’re not a cook at heart, no worries, you can still utilize these delicious low FODMAP recipes. I only cook heavily once a week on Sundays, for maybe 2-3 hours. I plan out my week and pack the fridge and freezer. It takes some diligence, but it’s always good to be prepared for whatever comes your way. In a pinch, you can always retreat to the low FODMAP packaged foods, which are always waiting in your pantry. Also, check out my list of low FODMAP sample meals and my favorite low FODMAP items, which mirrors my weekly grocery list.

I am building this list as I perfect my recipes, so you will see this list grow over time. Reach out to me with questions or comments at livinghappywithibs@gmail.com, on Twitter at @LivingHappywIBS or on Pinterest.

Low FODMAP Baked Goods Recipes

Low FODMAP Breakfast Food Recipes

Low FODMAP Main Dish Recipes

Low FODMAP Side Dish Recipes

Low FODMAP Sauce & Spices Recipes

Low FODMAP Recipes


52 thoughts on “Low FODMAP Recipes

  1. Many people have multiple food allergies/sensitivities. I have gluten, soy, dairy & egg allergies. For the gluten free brownies, what is the substitution for the eggs? Thank you in advance.

  2. I’ve recently started following your blog and have gotten a lot of guidance from it. So thank you! 🙂 have you come across any easy-ish taco soup recipes?

  3. hey Heather my name is Raven and i am 15 years old and recently got diagnosed with ibs. after i got this sheet from my doctor saying what i can and can’t eat i seriously thought NOOOOOO my life is over, but after reading parts of your blog ive settled down greatly so i am very thankful and will try out your recipes. i was also wondering how you deal with friends eating food you cant eat, because generally when i go to a sleep over with my friends they (and me from the past) would eat a lot of junk food ( which murdered my tummy) and also what do u do for dinner parties or dinner at a friends, do you have to bring your own food? and you know that one realy insensitive (idiotic) friend who thinks its funny to tease and taunt you with the food you cant eat (like chocolate) what do you say or do? so in the end my basic question is HOW DO YOU DEAL?

    • Hi Raven,

      Going out or staying in with friends can be very difficult, but I have learned a few tricks. I always bring safe food to share. I am almost always toting a fresh batch of Brownies. They’re delicious, and no one can tell that they’re gluten free and FODMAP safe. Since you bring them to share, no one (especially you) is left out of the gathering. I usually bring a few other items to ensure I don’t go hungry and to share with others. Typically, this works great and people don’t notice that you’re not eating certain foods.

      As far as telling my friends about my illness, usually I just say I have food allergies and that is a good answer where you don’t have to go in depth on details. My closer friends know a little more details because they care enough to want to know more. Not all people are so caring though, and if they make fun of you or tease you, you can simply say “I have an illness that prevents me from eating these foods. Would you tease peanut butter in front of a person with severe peanut allergies? Or make fun of someone’s bald head if they have cancer? It’s very hurtful and I don’t appreciate it.” If they continue to be difficult, they’re not a good friend and it will be a great decision to terminate that friendship. I have had to do this with a few people and I haven’t looked back. The one good thing about having IBS is that you quickly find out who your true friends are and who will be there for you when you’re down.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi Heather, I was just told to go on this diet. Can you tell me if the Think Thin White Chocolate bars are on the diet? 😦

          • Can you tell me if there are ANY bars or snacks that we can have? I always need something after I get done at the gym. Having to quit my protein shakes and bars is going to kill me. 😦

            I’m still not totally convinced I need to be on this diet. Is there a specific test? My doctor just listened to my symptoms and put me on a high dollar antibiotic and told me to go on this diet. Also are mango’s papaya’s ok? Thanks for your help. hugs, Wanda

            • Try Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Bars. I opt for the Peanut Butter one since Almonds can run high in FODMAPs with larger quantities. Also, check out the packaged food list I compiled. Also, avoid mangos and papaya, they are high in FODMAPs.

              Unfortunately, there is no “test” to see if you react to FODMAPs or not, you must first exclude them and add them back. If you’re not ready to take the plunge, try eliminating a few things at time, like gluten, or lactose.

  4. Thanks, I’ve been seeing a nutritionist and I just read the label on those bars….UGH, there’s so much sugar, corn syrup, corn in so much of this processed stuff. She has told me to stay away from anything corn. Wish there was a healthy bar out there.

  5. Hi Heather,
    I was wondering, can you tell me about how long into this low FODMAP diet that I should feel better/my bad symptoms should stop? ie if I have been on the diet for 3 days (5 days? a week?) and am still getting bloating, then I should probably go get more tests done to see if it’s something else. Thanks so much for all the time you put into this. It’s so helpful to have it all laid out.

    • Hi Belinda, if you’re not feeling better, I would think it’s one of two issues. You may be accidentally eating something high FODMAP. Verify all the foods you’re regularly eating and see if that could be the problem. If it’s not, it could be a low FODMAP item that is causing you grief. For example, I have issues with coffee and citrus fruits, even though they are “safe.” Play around with your daily routine and see where the issue could be.

    • Belinda -I’m currently on an elimination diet to figure out what triggers my issues. It takes 3-4 days before I feel better after a reaction. The baseline period between challenges is three days to get back to normal.

  6. Egg Substitutes in Baking | Vegan, Egg Free Substitutes | Chef In You This site has
    a list for baking without eggs and also some substitutes for soy.
    New to IBS and love this site.

  7. Hi. I hadn’t heard of the garlic/onion substitute either! Missing them greatly! Where can I find the substitute? Also, what ratio can I use to substitute the garlic and onions in other recipes as I try to convert them to low FODMAP?? BTW I have been following low FODMAP for about 6 months and still learning so much!!

  8. Can somebody confirm something for me please?

    I understand FODMAP carbs ferment in the large intestine. Does it follow that if you’re making bread you can reduce this by allowing the bread to ferment (rise) for an extended period? I know that so-called ‘batch’ bread is much easier for me to digest that the cheap stuff. I’ve tried using the french setting on my bread maker to double the fermentation time, but adding a small quantity of spelt to restrict the rising so it’s not too airy. It seems to work well. Could somebody confirm my assumptions are correct please?


  9. This has been so helpful, cannot thank you enough for the recipe ideas, I’m just starting the Fodmap diet today and struggled with any meal ideas….thanks ! 🙂

  10. Hello! thank you for your wonderful website! I just have one question….I see under your favorite items the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips. However, I see Evaporated Cane Juice as an ingredient. I thought that ingredient was a no-no? I am curious about your thoughts as I know there is a lot of conflicting advice out there.

  11. I am not sure what I have I just know that a lot of foods that you have listed like the processed foods have lots of bad ingredients in plus grains are hard on me along with lactose and other sugars because of candida. do you have any suggestions on what I can or cannot eat?

  12. I am on the Fodmap Diet because of bloating and weight loss. Still bloat at times. Been on since Sept. Need help with the diet. Sometimes I can eat certain foods and I am ok. Same food next day not.

    • I was told by a dietician that the effects of the fructose/fructans are cumulative so you have to watch what you eat over approx. 24 hours so if you eat some high Fodmap food you want to watch what you eat the rest of the day.

  13. Hi Heather, my name is Beth, I live in the UK. Ive had IBS so a few years now and today the doctor has told me to try this diet. Its so hard to know where to start recipe wise, but I am going to do my best! What a nightmare haha!

    • Look for low Fodmap on pinterest. You have to look at the recipes because sometimes they have things that I can’t eat.

  14. This is a wonderful collection of recipes. Here is some cutting edge research tip for you to look up. Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis. It’s in our gut from sick dairy cows and FODMAPs probably feeds it. It causes Johne’s disease in cows, sheep and goats and Johne’s disease is almost exactly like Crohn’s in people. Please spread the word. There is a gastroenterologist in Australia who is all over this, but the larger medical world is not listening – much like the H. Pylori thing (but stress and diet CAUSES ulcers, doesn’t it?)

  15. I was excited to see a recipe for low FODMAP ketchup. However, this recipe has tomato paste, which I thought was a no no on the diet.

    • Depends which type of tomato paste you are using…find one that has nothing but tomatoes in it and it should be fine. Tomatoes are on the safe list!

  16. I made the salad dressing and served it at dinner with friends. We four like it and friends want to make it, too. Thank you.

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