Low FODMAP Chili Powder Recipe

So many recipes call for chili powder. Unfortunately, most chili powders include ingredients like garlic, onions or the vague spices, which need to be avoided on the low FODMAP diet. I searched everywhere for a low FODMAP chili powder that worked (and was still delicious), but came up empty handed. So, as with most things these days, I decided to make it myself.

This chili powder recipe went through many trials and many errors to get it perfect. I tried to first make it without the ground ancho chile pepper, which was a complete miss. You could definitely tell that something was missing. Once I secured some Ground Ancho Chile Pepper, the recipe improved significantly. This low FODMAP chili powder can be used  as a 1:1 replacement in any recipe that calls for chili powder.

Low FODMAP Chili Powder Recipe

Low FODMAP Chili Powder Recipe



  1. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Store in an airtight container.
  3. Enjoy as needed!

Like this recipe? Let me know what you think and explore more low FODMAP recipes.


8 thoughts on “Low FODMAP Chili Powder Recipe

  1. Thanks for the info on your blog. I am confused about peppers. Some high fodmap lists online say that spicy peppers are a “no” but other lists, like yours says they’re fine.

      • according to my list, I got from my dietician, red bell peppers are ok. But, due to my own food intolerance’s, I can’t have it; and, I have a Very hard time finding items to make because i can’t have what others can have. I hate this.

  2. Hi I’m confused on the cheese I have been trying to find gluten free cheese but most is no t tuition free so I’ve found a very few sense I’m lactose free I need help on that I’m confused

      • There is one exception to that rule, but it’s rare. Some French roqueforts are inoculated with bread molds, which means there’s an off chance of minute traces of gluten in them. Other than that, home free on hard cheeses.

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