Low FODMAP Brand Name Packaged Foods

I will be the first to admit it… I can be very lazy. So when it comes to having a meal or snack, I want the easiest method possible. Especially when I am dining alone at home. I often turn to packaged foods for dinner or a snack. However, finding these brand name foods can be difficult when you’re adhering to a low FODMAP diet.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of products that will fit into the diet. However, most of these items are merely ingredients. I excluded the safe ingredients and fresh foods because I covered them in the low FODMAP foods to enjoy list. Plus I outlined my favorite low FODMAP items that is a reflection of my weekly grocery list. I wanted to outline the products that are good right out of the package without cooking, assembling or adding anything.

Low FODMAP Brand Name Foods

* Please note that I compiled this list in May of 2013 and ingredients in brand name foods change often. So please, prior to buying, glance at the ingredients to ensure there’s nothing harmful of that would impact you negatively.

I’ve listed all the items that I know of out there, and I’ve marked some of my favorites with some additional details for you in red.

Low FODMAP Brand Name Foods




Baked Goods:


Did I miss something? Is something on the list that has a FODMAP ingredient? I have dome my research here, but I am definitely not perfect, so any feedback would be appreciated so I can provide the best information possible.

What are your favorite Low FODMAP Brand Name Foods?



169 thoughts on “Low FODMAP Brand Name Packaged Foods

  1. WONDERFUL lemon cookies from WOW Baking Company out of WA. Super moist and lemony and they keep well -not like most other soft gf cookies I’ve tried.

  2. Now that Kellogg’s has discontinued the gluten free Rice Krispies, are the regular ones safe with the malt flavor?

    • Off the cuff, I would say that as long as it is regular corn syrup, it probably is somewhat safe for FODMAPS, its HF-CS that has the exorbitant amoutn of fructose for triggers.
      Many gums are texture modifiers and not a caloric source. This is possibly why people seem to like UDI’s, when you take the gluten out of bread, you are getting rid of a major texture modifier, so replacement is found elsewhere.
      That being said, if it triggers you, skip it!

  3. I have just found your site and I am so grateful for all the information you are providing. Thank you so much! I do have a question though: I notice you recommend rice milk as a dairy milk alternative. Doesn’t most milk alternatives (rice, almond, coconut, etc.) contain various gums (xanthan, gellan, etc. and carrageenan)? I was under the impression that if you have IBS you should avoid those ingredients. Am I misinformed?

  4. Do you know if the Glutino chocolate covered pretzels are Fodmap friendly? Thanks for this list, its been so very helpful. I live in Canada and many of these items were available in my local grocery store. Thanks!!!

  5. I had some Glutino pretzels that had onion and garlic powder on them both of which are not FODMAP friendly. So pay attention to that.

  6. Cooking FODMAP for DH due to steroids he takes for myasthenia gravis. Our go-to products include the Heartland GF Pastas found at Wallyworld (holds up well for first serving and softens for warm ups) and Cookwell Garlic Infused Olive Oil, also purchased at the big W store. Trader Joe’s has a good garlic infused olive oil, too, but costs a bit more. Anyone have reports on using Reese’s brand Onion or Garlic Juice concentrates found in spice aisles? Have tried sparingly (1t in recipes w tomatoes or for pasta sauce) with no probs so far. Hub isn’t truly allergic, just miserable gastric distress before trying blessed fodmap diet plan, so he may have different tolerance. Love the brand lists~Thanks!

  7. Thank you love this so helpful. One question is many folks do not have the monies, budget to buy these products. Seem they are really expensive conoared to reg products and hard to find in out of inner cities. Any idea what to do??

  8. honey nut cheerios is gluten free.
    Artic Zero ice cream low glycolic lactose free gmo free. check out the ingredients for any of your restrictions
    Good Value lactose -free milk is the most like regular milk it is not sickly sweet.
    original special K rice cereal’s second ingredient is wheat gluten. a huge disappointment.

    • I thought it’s the sugars in wheat that are a problem, not the gluten itself. Gluten is a protein and not a sugar, so isn’t extracted gluten fine as an ingredient for FODMAP? When I read the principles behind this diet it seems that getting gf is just an easier way to find wheat and barley free items. (Gluten sensitivity may be a separate issue of yours, about 1% of people have).

    • I love drinking Zevia. It is soda that is made with Stevia. It also has no caramel color and GMO free. I tried another Stevia soda but it still had the caramel color. Didn’t like it as much. Zevia also has a good selection of flavors. Juices I am not sure about.

    • I think it would depend on the specific milk ingredient being used. Lactose is the problem for most people with IBS, but not all milk products contain a lot of lactose (Butter, parmesan, sharp cheddar, etc). However, I know trader Joe’s gluten free crispy crunchy oatmeal cookies are not low fodmap because they have milk and molasses.

    • I thought I would add that trader Joe’s gluten free crispy crunchy chocolate chip cookies don’t contain milk, but do have molasses from the brown sugar, so I would suggest to limiting yourself to two cookies. I know eating more than two would make me sick! I can’t binge on snack food anymore when I watch Netflix. 😔

  9. Best lactose-free, all-natural ice cream on the planet is made by Minus The Moo out of Massachusetts. Started by two young women with lactose intolerance, their LF-free milk and cream come from a Berkshires dairy and their product is light years ahead of Lactaid, in both taste and texture. This has been life-changing for my son and our family fave is the Sea Salt Chocolate Chip. We also make homemade LF ice cream using Organic Valley Lactose-Free Half & Half.

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