Low FODMAP Brand Name Packaged Foods

I will be the first to admit it… I can be very lazy. So when it comes to having a meal or snack, I want the easiest method possible. Especially when I am dining alone at home. I often turn to packaged foods for dinner or a snack. However, finding these brand name foods can be difficult when you’re adhering to a low FODMAP diet.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of products that will fit into the diet. However, most of these items are merely ingredients. I excluded the safe ingredients and fresh foods because I covered them in the low FODMAP foods to enjoy list. Plus I outlined my favorite low FODMAP items that is a reflection of my weekly grocery list. I wanted to outline the products that are good right out of the package without cooking, assembling or adding anything.

Low FODMAP Brand Name Foods

* Please note that I compiled this list in May of 2013 and ingredients in brand name foods change often. So please, prior to buying, glance at the ingredients to ensure there’s nothing harmful of that would impact you negatively.

I’ve listed all the items that I know of out there, and I’ve marked some of my favorites with some additional details for you in red.

Low FODMAP Brand Name Foods




Baked Goods:


Did I miss something? Is something on the list that has a FODMAP ingredient? I have dome my research here, but I am definitely not perfect, so any feedback would be appreciated so I can provide the best information possible.

What are your favorite Low FODMAP Brand Name Foods?


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  1. Thanks so much for this list!!!! I have inflammatory bowel disease as well as fructose malabsorption and am constantly trying to tweak my diet in order to feel better. BTW, I was excited about the Breyer’s Lactose Free until I read the ingredients…carageenan..another additive I am avoiding. (Causes IBD in lab animals. ..not something I want to eat.) I love your blog. Nice to know I’m not the only one with these issues.

  2. My colon was removed last year and the low-FODMAP diet has been a godsend for re-establishing relatively healthy GI function. I really enjoy Udi bread and squeezing Nesquick chocolate syrup in my coffee or over a serving of Breyer’s lactose-free vanilla ice cream. So many other great options, even with having to continue the avoidance of fibrous foods 🙂

  3. Hi! Just wondered where you manage to find all of these products? Not sure if you’re in the UK or US.. I’m in the UK and haven’t managed to get these in any general supermarkets 😦 Just starting out on low FODMAP but I’m so lost!!

    • Hi Rachel,

      These are specific to the US. I am unsure of the availability in the UK, so I apologize. Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck in your journey!


  4. Ok so it’s extremely difficult to follow this diet… but I have slow motility and SIBO and IBS which all go hand and hand. Ive been on anitbiotics and probiotics for so long… it’s truly ridiculous. It’s such a pain not being able to eat when a series of bloating events start… Any and all help to put an end to this once and for all would be just amazing! One question though, cocoa is totally off limits right? For like gluten free cereals that contain it?

    • Cocoa powder has been tested as high in both fructans and galactans. However, cocoa liquor is OK. Usually, there will be a break down in the ingredients to what the chocolate is made of so you can figure what is safe and what should be avoided. I don’t think I’ve come across any gluten free cereals with cocoa that are FODMAP safe.

      It is tough to get into the diet, but it does get easier. Don’t give up and good luck!

  5. The specialist has just started my son on a low FODMAP diet as so far nothing else has worked to alleviate the last 4 months of bloating and constant discomfort. It is very confusing when in some places it says you can have cereals such as rice crispies, cheerios and cornflakes. Are the standard Kellogs varieties ok or do they have to be special ones? Also it states hard cheese like cheddar is ok, but again is this normal cheddar? A little help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

    • Hard cheeses are fine in moderation due to the low lactose levels. This includes normal cheddar cheese. As far as the cereal goes, gluten free Rice Krispies, Cheerios, and most varieties of corn flakes should be OK, including Kellogg’s. Just always make sure you look over the ingredients to ensure there’s nothing high FODMAP there.

  6. Thank you Rachel for the specific food suggestions. I’m using Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread which has pea protein and “natural flavor, plant derived from corn.” Would it be low FODMAP?


    • Hi Mary, the only ingredient that would worry me is the pea protein. I would use Smart Balance brand instead, most of which is soy-free as well and doesn’t contain the pea protein.

  7. Hi I’m new to low fodmaps diet but sure not new to IBS. Have you been able to source any onion /garlic free broth tomato sauce products or are people that follow low fodmaps generally making these items themselves? Thanks so much.

  8. Ever since my doc wanted me to be on the low fodmap diet, I have been very depressed and constantly hungry. I lost about 7 lbs which is a lot because I was 5’6” and 122 lbs to start with. Every week I cheat on my diet because I cannot do it for 6 weeks straight. It starts good for the first 4-5 days then boom I eat out because I am sick of eating the same things. It is just too hard 😦 I love food and I think I need some motivation. Kudos to you guys. It is very hard and depressing to me.

    • I’ve been on the low fodmap diet for about a year, and it has truly changed my life. Don’t give up. I was depressed in the beginning as well. I was never much of a cook, but cooking has now become a much more comfortable experience. Sometimes, I even enjoy it. There is lots of info out there on the low fodmap diet, including lots of great recipes. Just keep searching the internet. Also, if you have not done so already, try to find a registered dietician familiar with the diet. They can be extremely helpful with making sure you are properly following the diet. I am about 5’8″ and 118 lbs. I lost weight on this diet initially, too, but it bounced back after a little while. Keep working at it. It IS worth the effort! Good luck!

      • Thank you Sara! You are very kind to reply! I will find a dietitian for sure because I need discipline. 🙂 I am getting used to it. I started cheating less on my diet. I will restart the elimination diet again. Hopefully this time it will work 🙂 Thanks!!!

  9. I am a lover of ice cream, but have been trying the FODMAP diet in search of some alleviation of pain and symptoms. Just found the Breyers Lactose free icecream, but it lists corn syrup. Is this not a concern? From what I’ve read this is NOT allowed…

    • Thank for the heads up, Connie! I actually have corn syrup on my avoid list as a mistake (corrections coming soon). It’s actually never been tested. However, since corn and HFCS are both on the avoid list, this may be something you’ll want to stay away from.

  10. I’ve had good results with Rice Chex cereal. I started the diet a little over a week ago and can already notice differences in my body. I tried regular Rice Krispies and that didn’t go over well; are there any major retailers in the US that carry the gluten-free variety?

  11. Thanks for your helpful blog and up to date resources. I think I’m getting my symptoms under control with diet too – yay! Wanted to share a handy tip for checking nutrition labels for cheeses, etc. Since FODMAPS are sugars, you can check the sugars line on the label — if a cheese (or whatever) has 0g sugars, it’s going to be lactose free. I do the same with yogurt — some of the plain Icelandic style ones are 6g sugars, and I can tolerate that much lactose. Of course, check for sensitivity to other ingredients, like gluten, but for the actual FODMAP part, I find this so helpful.

    • I wrote to Natrel, the company that makes lactose free milk here in Alberta. I asked why the lablel said 6gm of sugar if the milk is lactose free. They replied that some of the lactose has been removed and the remaining lactose has been broken down into glucose and something else that I don’t remember. So just because something has sugar listed, it doesn’t mean that that sugar is necessarily lactose, especially in a food labelled lactose-free!

  12. The only low FODMAP snack bar that I’ve been able to tolerate is the brand “KIND”. Their Maple Pumpkin Seed Healthy Grains gluten free granola bars work great for me! Honey is 12rh on the list, so I think there must be very little, but it has 5 super grains of oats, millet, quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat. KIND also has a Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate bar that works for me, but it’s not as tasty and rather crumbly and dry.

    • Kind makes an “Oats and Honey with toasted Coconut” bar that is good and chewy and doesn’t have honey listed too high up on the ingredients list. Also Mojo Sweet and Salty Dark Choloate Almond Coconut bar is great (8 gm protein, 3gm fiber) (there is soy protein isolate in it, don’t know if that is ok?)

  13. Are Udi’s breads ok to have? They contain the ingredient ‘corn syrup solids’. I know to avoid HFCS, but was unsure of corn syrup solids.

    If it is not ok to have, do you have a recommendation on another brand of bread?


      • Hi! Is Udi’s whole-grain bread OK? I just bought it because I didn’t see the white bread and I compared the ingredients online and they look pretty similar. I just started this diet and am having a very hard time so any help is appreciated!

    • I also tire quickly of water. Some great options are cranberry juice, unsweetened fresh brewed iced tea, vitamin water zero (lemon), soda water, most soft drinks, coffee and most teas.

      • Most teas, really? The monash app says chamomile and fennel tea is bad and so is chai if its strong. However they also say that strong black tea is yellow if make up with water, but green if made with added cows mild -don’t know what gives there. I love fruit and flower herbal teas, but have been avoiding them because the Monash app seems to not like them!! Please inform if this info is correct?!?

  14. Hi, just starting with the fodmat diet and want to thank you for sharing all of your information, its been very helpful. I have a question about the Trader Joe Crispy choc chip cookies…you state, above that I have to try them so I ran right down to our closest TJ’s and bought some, you’re are right, they are delicious. My question is this, cocoa powder is high fodmat, why can we eat chocolate chips with ingrediants of cocoa powder? Thanks again for sharing.

    • Hi Kathi, you’re right cocoa powder is high FODMAP, so this would eliminate this item. This was posted prior to that testing, so thank you for helping me keep my list up to date!

      • The latest research I read though seemed to indicate that cocoa powder in small quantities is okay. I think if you ate an entire bag, you’d be in trouble, but if you ate 2 cookies in one day, I haven’t had a problem. And they are the only acceptable sweet so far (not homemade) that is worth eating.

  15. Just starting the diet …
    Is table sugar allowed ?
    I have SIBO and am hoping this diet will help ..
    I had 1/4 cup oatmeal this morning with about ten blueberries and a pinch of sugar ..

    • I have SIBO and the low fodmap diet has changed my life! I never get sick anymore if I stick to the diet. I had one small digestive episode a couple of months ago but I can totally attribute it to stress (which is a trigger for SIBO), and it was minor compared to what I used to experience. Otherwise it has been over 15 months now with virtually no problems. I used to have violent episodes at least every 2 months, plus daily issues. With SIBO it is important not to snack between meals because of the MMC, which is a cleansing wave in the digestive tract that ceases while eating. So you need to wait 3-5 hours between meals if at all possible to allow the MMC to do its job.

      Stick with it. I know it is hard to get going on the diet but it is worth it. Good luck!

      • Wow Sara .. I’m so happy to read your message ..
        I am having a hard time getting used to the diet but am determined !
        Did you take an antibiotic after having the test for SIBO?
        Also do you know how long you had before it was treated ?
        It’s so good to hear from someone who has been able to feel better …
        I read so many stories on line about the meds and the recurrence rates for SIBO ..
        Are you lactose intolerant ? Do you have a good nutritionist ?
        Gosh I so sorry to pepper you with questions but I am thrilled to find someone who has had a good experience with the diet and keeping SIBO at bay …
        Happy to meet you Sara ..

        • Hi Esther,
          Nice to meet you, too. Yes, I was on antibiotics several times before doing my research and finding the low fodmap diet. After I took antibiotics, I usually went about 8-9 months without a really bad episode, then it would start up again and happen every two months like clockwork. And in the meantime, I would still have the daily/weekly problems I always had. When I asked my GI doc about diet options, he had absolutely nothing to offer so I did my own research and was so glad I did! The last antibiotic was in April 2013. I had been on the diet for about four months at that time. I was starting to feel better but I did have a “bad” episode that was about 1/2 as bad as they usually were, so I felt the diet was starting to help. I decided to have one more round of antibiotics to sort of clean out my gut and then try to manage it with diet. I had a new GI doc by then and he agreed that was a fine plan to try. I really did not want to be on meds indefitely.

          I worked with a dietician to get started. She was not familiar with the diet but she did her research and helped me start. Then I found a dietician with experience with this diet and that helped a lot. I have not really tested all the groups of food and still need to do some of that. Frankly, I stay pretty close to the foods on the elimination phase of the diet and feel perfectly satisfied and so much healthier! Eating out is really difficult, but not eating out has helped me eat better anyway.

          I’m not sure how long I had it before diagnosis and treatment, but quite a while, I think. I’ve actually had digestive difficulties all my life, but they changed over time, and SIBO hit sometime in my mid-30s, I’d say. I was diagnosed about 6-7 years ago. I’m 46 now. I’m pretty confident that I’m lactose intolerant, which is sad because I used to love milk. But now I love my vanilla almond milk and am perfectly happy. 🙂 And I can still eat hard cheese and butter, which are low in lactose.

          Hope that helps. Keep going and listen to your body. I hope you have lots of success with the diet!


          • Good morning Sara ..
            My experience sounds very similar ..
            I am on my third GI doctor and I absolutely love her ! She is an expert in SIBO … My dietician is Kate Scarlata .. She wrote the article about SIBO you sent me .. Kate is also the third dietician I have seen .. But Kate is absolutely fabulous and has SIBO herself .. One visit with Kate and my life was forever changed for the better. She gave me back foods I thought I would never eat again .. I barely ate fruits or vegetables for several years .. She also has a wonderful blog and you may want to subscribe to it .. I live in Boston and we have incredible access to wonderful doctors and hospitals but it took me several years to connect with my current doctor and with Kate .. The others barely knew what I was talking about … They knew IBS and suggested more and more fiber .. Like you I did lots of research and found Kate .. I also have the Monash University Low FODmap Diet app on my phone .. I find this very helpful .. They test foods and will send along updates and add foods after they have been tested .. I have just finished my first round of Xifanan and am taking a low doze of erythromycin for three months … I am really just beginning the elimination phase of the diet .. Kate has given me lots of recipes and ideas with a very long grocery list .. I am heading to Barcelona in two weeks and am very concerned about my diet … Hopefully I will be able to find foods I can eat there and will take a few staples with me .. I feel like it might be a step backward .. I thought about canceling too …
            I find it very difficult not going out to eat .. It’s socialization as well as enjoying foods .. I am happy to order plain broiled fish, chicken or beef, baked potato and veggies .. I haven’t tried butter lettuce yet but I will soon so maybe a small salad as well .. I won’t completely give that up but I certainly won’t do as frequently as I might like ..
            I do miss desserts for sure .. I believe I am lactose intolerant as well but am not ready to take that challenge .. I tried Breyer’s lactose free ice cream but it didn’t work well for me .. I am going to try making muffins today using white rice flour .. I am going to have French toast for breakfast this morning using sour dough bread with real maple syrup .. Kate said I can have sour dough bread and Bay’s English muffins (which I love) while on the elimination
            diet ..
            Please share more about your favorite foods or recipes …
            Sarah thank you so very much ..
            It’s so nice to know I am not alone ..

          • Hi Sarah ..
            We do not have a Kroger here in the Northeast …
            We do have Whole Foods which is where I saw Udi’s blueberry muffins ..
            I will try Vans as they are easily available .. Thank you !
            I must admit I feel like I am at the grocery store quite a bit and spend lots of time searching as well reading ingredients .. I’m hopeful with time it will be easier .. Have you tried Aleia’s artisan cookies .. They are wonderful but can be hard to find .. Kate suggests only the peanut butter or almond horn but both are wonderful .. I found them a few times but seems they don’t always carry the peanut butter or almond flavors I need .. I may have to order on line. Again very pricey but so good !
            I made a stuffed pepper last night with white rice and ground beef ..
            It was very good and so easy !
            I’m find I am losing weight since starting the elimination diet ..
            Did you find you were losing weight as well ?
            Have a great day !

      • Hello- I have found this to be absolutely the best thing for me- to wait until I’m absolutely starving to eat again. It’s super tough because I also try not to overeat at each meal so it’s almost a catch 22. I’m also very active (work out daily) so my metabolism makes me hungry. But the cleansing wave thing is something I notice nobody has mentioned on this site so thank you for bringing it up.

  16. I have just started strictly abiding the low fodmap diet after a 10 day session of the master cleanse, just to be sure. I’ve noticed that you have Udi’s bread on here but I just read that one of the ingredients is tapioca maltodextrin. I have read in many different places that maltodextrin is a no no for low fodmap. I’m not fully aware of the differences between standard maltodextrin and tapioca kind but was wondering what you thoughts were about this.

    • According to Monash University (where all FODMAP testing takes place) maltodeextrin has not been tested, so there’s no information positive or negative. I’ve never had any issues with it, but if you’re unsure, proceed with caution and see how it affects you.

  17. Wow, you are so lucky that you can see Kate Scarlata as your dietician! She is amazing! I found her blog early on and visit it often. I’m shocked she said sourdough bread is ok on the elimination diet, though. Doesn’t it have wheat in it? That is the one group of foods I really tested (the one that includes wheat, garlic, onion, etc. – definitely a problem group for me). I’m sort of afraid to test other groups because I don’t want to get sick, but it know I need to do the testing. I should probably visit my dietician again for some more advice and motivation! I am in Louisville, KY and we also have a great medical community. I like my current GI doc pretty well, though I’m still not sure if he is the best for me. But I haven’t needed him since starting this diet, though, so it’s all good. 🙂

    I went to India just as I was starting to experiment with diet. I had only seen the first dietician once and had not really gotten fully into the low fodmap diet yet, but I was trying to avoid gluten and dairy and some other things I had determined were problems. It was a little challenging, but I actually felt better while I was there (even though I was sick with a bad cold most of the trip). My stress level was down and that really helped me. Clearly, stress is a big trigger for me! I understand your hesitation to travel. I just went to a family reunion and took my own food, just for a one night trip. I had to eat some other foods and was worried. I could tell when I got home that I had ventured away from the diet a bit, but I did not get sick – just a slight change in bowel habits for a day or so (not to get graphic). 🙂 Go to Barcelona and have a great time! I’m sure you’ll figure out the food!

    Take care!

  18. Hi Sara ..
    Yes .. Kate did tell me sour dough bread was fine on the elimination diet .. I believe it has something to do with the fermentation and starter process … She told me I could have most gluten free breads … I have been having since she mentioned and I am fine with it to be honest … I think it’s pretty safe unless you have Celiac Disease .. Perhaps you could try a slice or even a half slice and see if you can tolerate .. I was tempted to try Udi’s Blueberry Muffins as I saw them at Whole Foods but just wasn’t sure .. Have you tried them at all ?

    • Good to know about sourdough. I’ll give it a try. I had Udi’s blueberry muffins for breakfast yesterday. 🙂 Works fine for me. I don’t buy them often because they are pricey, but I had bought them to take out of town over the weekend because it was an easy option. I don’t know if you have Kroger grocery stores, but I love their gluten-free waffles (better than Van’s). They may have a bit of pear juice in the ingredients, so you might wait until after the elimination period to try them, but I don’t have trouble with them and like them. Van’s waffles are ok but they are crumbly.

  19. Hi Sarah ..
    We do not have a Kroger here in the Northeast …
    We do have Whole Foods which is where I saw Udi’s blueberry muffins ..
    I will try Vans as they are easily available .. Thank you !
    I must admit I feel like I am at the grocery store quite a bit and spend lots of time searching as well reading ingredients .. I’m hopeful with time it will be easier .. Have you tried Aleia’s artisan cookies .. They are wonderful but can be hard to find .. Kate suggests only the peanut butter or almond horn but both are wonderful .. I found them a few times but seems they don’t always carry the peanut butter or almond flavors I need .. I may have to order on line. Again very pricey but so good !
    I made a stuffed pepper last night with white rice and ground beef ..
    It was very good and so easy !
    I’m find I am losing weight since starting the elimination diet ..
    Did you find you were losing weight as well ?
    Have a great day !

    • Esther,

      I definitely lost weight when I started the diet, which was not good for me, as I am quite thin to begin with. But it bounced back as I started to figure out what I could eat and found some go-to meals and recipes that I liked.

      I don’t think I’ve tried the Aleia cookies. Not sure I’ve seen that brand here, but I’ll keep an eye out. I have trouble with nut butters so I avoid peanut butter. I’m not a big sweets eater, but I do like the occasional dessert. I like cupcakes. Pamela’s makes a good white cake mix that I use to make cupcakes. I add spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.) because I like spice cake, then I make my own frosting from a recipe I found online somewhere that contains no dairy. I think Whole Foods has Pamela products. You might check those out.

      You’ll probably find that it is actually much simpler and cheaper to make a lot of your own foods (veggie broth/stock, marinara sauce, pesto, pizza sauce, etc.). I was exhausted last night and splurged on a frozen GF pizza and I paid for it. I think the amount of garlic in the sauce was just too much for me. I was just reading that in Australia (where Monash University is) they have started a program where prepared foods can be rated as fodmap friendly, and some prepared foods are started to be sold there under that label. Hope those products eventually make their way to the US!

      Take care,

      • Good morning Sara …
        I thought garlic or onions were sort of a no no !
        Do you have the Monash app ? It suggests even small amounts of onions or garlic contain high amounts of Oligos-fructans and intake should be avoided …
        Kate suggested I sauté garlic with some good quality olive oil to get the flavor ..
        Remove all the garlic and enjoy the garlic flavor infused in the oil ..
        Same with onions …
        I am sure you are right about making my own food at home .. It’s just that there are times when it might come in handy to have a couple of go to prepared foods … I was hoping to pack a few things to take to Barcelona with me as I’m not sure what I will find .. I was thinking about taking a package of Udi’s muffins …
        Thanks for the tip ..I’ll look for Pamela’s products.
        I bought glutino’s muffin mix yesterday .. Hoping to make some lemon blueberry muffins with it .. ! I’ll let you know how they are …
        Have a great day Sara !

        • Hi Esther,
          I don’t eat garlic or onion at all. But as you said, having some prepared foods are sometimes just convenient. I’ve learned that I can usually handle gluten free frozen pizzas on rare occasions, but I only do that when I am truly too exhausted to do anything else. I think the brand I bought must have had more garlic in the sauce than some others because I can usually handle that prepared item if I only do it occasionally. But this one bothered me a lot. I think it was Glutino brand. I always use garlic infused olive oil when cooking, and I always buy it pre-made, as opposed to making it myself as kate suggested to you. I have to make enough items from scratch, so readymade garlic-infused olive oil is one of my staple conveniences. Trader Joe’s has a pretty good one that is only about $4.

          When I went to India, I took GF cereal in a plastic container and I think I ate it dry. I wasn’t fully on the diet at that point so I just winged it while there. I actually felt really good while in India. Good luck finding some foods to take with you. There are some good GF crackers and Pretzels that you might be able to take to pair with hard cheeses and the like. If I think of other options, I’ll post them.

  20. When I was on a cruise, I had the most marvelous GF bread. It was Kinnickinnik White Tapioca Rice Bread. It was actually light and normal are above normal size bread! I’ve yet to find it hear locally, but hope it makes its way here. I may even order online, although it quite pricey to do so. Has anyone else tried this amazing bread?

  21. My dr just suggested I try a low FODMAP diet and I am trying to find alternatives for the things I eat on a regular basis. I need to make changes to my morning breakfast drink, which is normally 8 ounces of Silk Dark Chocolate Almond milk, 2 ounces of Starbucks Doubleshot (horrible, I know), 1 tablespoon of instant coffee, and 1 teaspoon of green tea (matcha) powder. I know I have to cut out the Starbucks and reduce the coffee, but what about the chocolate almond milk? The ingredients are: “Almondmilk (Filtered Water, Almonds), Cane Sugar, Cocoa (Dutch Process), Sea Salt, Natural Flavor, Locust Bean Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Gellan Gum.” I know chocolate is supposed to be limited. Is this too much? I APPRECIATE THE HELP IN ADVANCE!!! 🙂

    • The Silk Dark Chocolate is an issue for 2 reason: Almonds & Cocoa. Based on your breakfast, I can see where you would have issues that would ruin your entire day. I can’t do almonds, coffee or cocoa. Coffee was very hard to give up (I used to drink about 3 cups before 10am.), but it’s doable. Even though its FODMAP safe, I still have issues with it, and many people with IBS do, as well. I ensure to always have a very FODMAP safe breakfast, even now that I’ve been off the eliminate diet for over a year, because it can really mess you up.

    • I drink vanilla Almond Milk every morning and have it on cereal and have no problems. Almonds are ok in limited amounts, and the amount in the drink is apparently fine for me. However, if I eat actual nuts of any kind, I’ll get a terrible stomachache. The chocolate could be a problem, especially in the elimination stage. I also drink coffee every morning and it is fine. The diet just suggests making it on the weak side, though I make mine the way I always did and have no trouble. Just had to learn to drink it black, which I now prefer. Probably best to be extra safe during the elimination period and then determine your tolerance when you start testing. As Heather suggests, it is definitely important to eat a breakfast that works for you on the diet. You don’t want to start off the day sick! Good luck!

        • why have coffee black? Can’t you get lactose free coffe cream where you are? I am surprised because it seems there are many more options in US supermarkets than in our Canadian stores. (Just back from a road trip to California, where I checked out a lot of supermarkets along the way!)

          • Sharon, I can get all sorts of dairy-free creamers, but I wasn’t that fond of them. Also, with SIBO, it is advised that you don’t snack between meals. Black coffee is ok, but once you put creamer in it, it adds calories, which the digestive system has to process. So I just started drinking it black and now prefer it that way.

  22. This has been so helpful!!! I am 56 and had stomach issues off and on getting increasingly worse with age. Bloating was so bad I actually could go no wear without my little green gas pills. Then bowel movements went from constipation to once or twice a Month!!! So finally there is a diagnosis another medication and this scary diet. But you have made it a lot less intimidating and doable. Thank you all and God bless .

  23. I’ve been so sick, unable to even drink water without serious bloating for 2 months. I was close to being hospitalized then discovered the FOMAP diet. I have yet to follow up with my doctor but he did indicate I needed an ” elimination” diet, which is so frustrating. Now I have a handle on fresh foods, but zero luck with packaged food. Thank you a million for this list. This is awesome.

  24. By the way I did mean to ask if anyone else was bothered by the ingredients carrigenan, guar or xantham gum. Nasty stuff. And I just found a great coconut creamer but it contains lots of those additives.

    • Emmy,
      I don’t have trouble with the ingredients you listed, but I know some people do. I’ve learned to drink my coffee black and prefer it that way now. 🙂 good luck with the diet. I know it is challenging, but you will figure it out. Just keep at it. And find a dietician who knows the diet, if possible. That can be really helpful.

      • Sara thank you so much for responding! This is all new to me and overwhelming. I was a vegetarian for 20 years then developed a wheat allergy (and thankfully began eating omnivore / meat / fish again), so I’m very comfortable adjusting my diet. But it is rather confusing and sometimes it doesn’t seem real, simply because restaurant staff and even friends look at me like I’m making this up when I tell them. Thanks for the encouragement.

      • Thanks Heather and what a great post – I agree about the ingredient list. My FODMAP app is from Monash University and it looks like they’re chemically testing food and might be recategorizing it on an ongoing basis. Thanks again!

      • Oh, thank you! My boyfriend and I recently discussed the diet – and when I thought I “only” had a wheat allergy, I would indulge my sweet tooth with tons of GF donuts, cake, not to mention pasta, you name it. BF thinks maybe all those binders did damage to my innards. There’s plenty of studies showing carrageenan can cause inflammation – now I wonder about the other thickeners. Ironically my cat has IBD (strictly a feline illness – different acronym) and the “hypoallergenic” prescription pet food has carrageenan! He got better the minute we took him off of that junk. Made me wonder.

  25. I’m still struggling with the diet, was working well for a bit but I seem to have slid backwards. I was prescribed probiotics by my doctor but now read pre / probiotics are the worst thing. Has anyone else heard this? Also do people find their symptoms come and go? I’ve become worried they’re missing some kind of more serious illness, but I read conflicting reports: some say more serious illness is not intermittent, some say it’s not.

      • Sara – thank you! I have stopped taking them and while there may have been other factors (cheating with dairy and taking Airborne, specifically), I do feel better and have stopped taking the probiotics. My doctor didn’t test me for anything at all so I might ask to go in and have those lab tests done. Thanks for the link!! I haven’t found a nutritionist, I have to see if my insurance would allow it.

  26. Sara .. Wanted to check in with you and any others who have SIBO ..
    Saw my doctor yesterday and will need to do a second round of Xifanan for 14 days followed by a small doze of erythromycin for another two weeks .. No surprise really .. I could tell it was coming back …
    Can you tell me how it was before you were able to stop taking antibiotics completely or how many times you needed to take ?
    What did you eat while taking the antibiotics …
    It’s discouraging for sure …
    I wanted to mention I do eat Bay’s English and have no problems with them .. I guess as has been said before everyone is different .. I must say I think they are worth a try .. They are very good ..
    For me I must be very careful with fruit .. I love fruit and was able to eat a healthy portion for awhile after I started taking antibiotics late in June but sadly most recently have had to cut way back .. Right now I can only tolerate 1/4 to a 1/3 cup of fruit ..

    • Hi Esther,
      The last antibiotic I took was in April 2013. I was already starting to work with the low FODMAP diet and was having success with it, but I had one semi-bad digestive episode (much milder than they had been before the diet), so I decided to take a round of antibiotics to help knock out the bacteria. (I think the recommendation, though, is to eat “normally” while on antibiotics so the bacteria are there to kill, but Kate could advise you on that). Then, my goal was to manage the SIBO with the diet, which I have managed to do. I definitely have problems with Fructans and lactose, but I must admit I have not fully tested the other food groups, which I need to do. I stay pretty close to the elimination diet, and it works well for me. Before the diet, I was on antibiotics 3 or 4 times. They would give me relief from the really bad episodes for about 8-9 months, but they did not particularly help with the day-to-day problems (which I would associate with IBS). The diet has eliminated both problems for me. I have an occasional mild flare up (usually after eating out or eating other food I did not prepare and could not control), but they are nothing compared to what I used to experience. I don’t have trouble with any fodmap-friendly fruits, but I do try to watch how much I eat and not overdo. I don’t think they have Bays English where I live, but since they contain wheat flour, I’m certain they would not work for me.
      Did you go to Barcelona? How did that go?

  27. Hello Sara ..
    How are you … !
    Barcelona was wonderful .. We actually stayed In Begur which is right right on the Costa Brava .. It’s a small village right on the Mediterranean Sea .. I hated to leave .. I was still under the spell of Xifavan so I was able to enjoy FODmaps fruits and veggies .. I had no problems ..
    I’m curious Sara .. Did your GI doctor put you through lots of testing ..My GI doctor (who I love) has had me going through lots of testing .. From blood work to ultra sounds to CT Scans .. Colonscopy .. Chest X-rays etc .. I had done a couple with my precious GI .. My new doc claims there is an underlying cause for SIBO and she is trying to find out what it might be .. It’s a bit scarey .. I wondered if anyone else was going through similar testing .. This was only my first round of Xifanan so no surprise I need another round … I started the first round the end of June and here it is middle of September and I am already having a recurrence … Fruit is not easy for me .. But I am able to have small amounts .. I can eat hard cheese but lactose free yogurt not so much .. Lactaid ice cream is an issue as well .. Again very small amounts .. I do have a wonderful dietician and she helps me a great deal too ..
    As far as Bays English and Sour Dough bread it does work for me .. I guess we can all have difference issues with different foods .. I bought both Vans Blueberry Waffles and Udis Blueberry muffins but haven’t tried yet .. I will for sure .. It’s funny or not so funny .. There is a sort of fear that comes with trying new foods ..
    On another note my former GI doc had suggested I try Align Probiotics for thirty days to see if it helped .. I must say it did not help and in some ways I felt it made things worse for me .. Again everyone is different …
    Sara .. Thank you so much .. ! !
    I appreciate your help ..

    • Glad Barcelona was a good experience! My previous GI doc did the breath test, which diagnosed the SIBO. He also did a colonoscopy, but that was mostly because I needed the comfort of knowing that was all clear. I also did the test where I had to drink some stuff while they x-rayed me. My current doc did an upper GI as well. My former GI doc was completely useless when it came to my questions about diet. He just pushed antibiotics. Left his office in tears the last time I saw him. The current GI doc was more open to a dietary approach, but I came to him having researched and found the low fodmap diet on my own. He thought it was perfectly fine if I wanted to try managing my symptoms that way. I had that last antibiotic in April 2013 with him and have not seen him since. I’m glad your GI doc wants to find the underlying cause. Though I like my current doc ok, he never talked about underlying causes and trying to get to the bottom of them, but I’d sure like to know. I’ve read there may be an association with antacid type meds. I have been on Nexium or similar meds for years, and I wonder if there is a connection. But I’ve tried to go off those meds several times, and I cannot seem to do it. The acid reflux comes back quickly, and it is miserable, too! I bet people with well-functioning GI systems have no idea how good they have it!

      I read “previous” and not “precious.” So I didn’t even notice that. 🙂

      • Sara …
        Thank you .. ! Thank you so much !
        I took Prilosec for four or five years at least … My PCP doc said I had acid reflux but a mild case .. Then I read that Prilosec can cause bone fractures in women and she told me to stop taking .. I had an endoscopy done and the GI doc said she found no acid reflux .. I didn’t realize it could come and go .. After I stopped taking I had an episode and my PCP doctor at the time suggested I take for two weeks and then take every other day for a week .. It worked just fine and I was sorry I had taken every single day for years .. In the meantime I have read Prilosec can play havoc with your digestive system .. So MY GUESS is that it was the years of taking Prilosec for a mild case of acid reflux that caused my SIBO … Again just a guess …
        I was sort of feeling badly that my new GI doctor is being so aggressive about finding out exactly what the underlying cause of my SIBO is until I read your response just now .. I was reminded how my last two GI docs barely paid attention to my issues and concerns and being close to tears myself several times .. This new GI doctor is leading my fight to a better life .. Thank you Sara .. Thank you so much !

        • Thanks to you, too, Esther! Your comments make me think I should do a little more investigation into other GI docs to see if there is one more concerned with SIBO. I get the feeling some GI docs think it is not serious enough to give their full attention, but it should be. I get it that colon cancer is way more serious, but SIBO can be debilitating and take away so many freedoms. I felt like a prisoner to it at times!

          Thanks again. And thanks Heather for allowing us to have this continuing dialogue in the comments on your blog. It has been very helpful to communicate with others who battle similar problems!


  28. Absolutely !
    This blog and those who respond have helped all of us find a place we can share ..
    IBS and SIBO can take so much from us .. It’s a wonderful place for all of us to share …
    Thank you Heather .. !!!

  29. Sara ..
    Wonder if you have a dietician ?
    If you don’t you may want to send Kate an email and ask her about one in your area ..
    She may know someone that is knowledgeable about SIBO and the FODmaps diet and ask for a GI recommendation …
    It is probably worth a try ..

    • Yes, I have seen a dietician familiar with the fodmap diet. I only saw her once, but she was very helpful. I will probably go see her again soon. She is the only one in this area. And I will ask her about GI docs. Good idea.

  30. Sara ..
    Between Kate and my new GI I don’t feel so alone anymore … Even my immediate family didn’t seem to get it initially .. They are very understanding now but at first not so much .. It might be a good idea if you could find a GI doctor who is familiar with SIBO .. There is an emotional piece to all this .. Most of my friends and family have never heard of SIBO and it can be a bit uncomfortable when you are in a restaurant trying to order something safe to eat .. Like you .. I did lots of research on my own .. My previous doctors were very limited in what they knew about IBS/SIBO ..
    Good luck and let me know how you make out ..
    Started my second round of Xifaxan last night …
    Hoping to feel better soon ..
    Stay in touch ..

  31. Any suggestions for gaining weight? Has anyone else lost on this diet? I’m trying to eat small meals but I can’t seem to gain it back – I’ve read conflicting reports on if IBD causes weight loss.

    • Emmy,
      I definitely lost some weight when I started on the diet, but I am very thin to begin with and gaining weight has always been difficult for me. I’ve been on a vegetarian diet for a little over a month, having given up seafood (gave up other meat a couple of years ago). And I’ve lost a few pounds, so I might have to go back to seafood. Weight loss is not good for me. I’m just under 5′ 8″ and this morning weighed about 116, down about 2-3 pounds. The only advice I can give is to find a dietician who can help evaluate your diet and nutritional needs. Even if the dietician is not familiar with the low Fodmap diet, if s/he is good, s/he will research the diet and become familiar with it to help you. That’s what the first dietician I saw did (before I found the dietician who knew the diet). I need to visit mine again. It’s been over a year since I saw her. She wanted me to be 140 pounds. I almost laughed in her face. At my absolute heaviest, I was 124! So 140 won’t be happening, no matter what I do!

      Go to this website and look for the link to low fodmap dieticians:
      That’s how it found mine. She is the only one in my city.
      Good luck!

      • Sara, hi! Thanks so much for the reply. Sorry I’m responding so late. I appreciate the link, I think I’m ready for a dietician now. I’m realizing the diet really does have to be tailored. I think bananas are a problem now, and carbs!

        I laughed too when people ask if I could gain 20 lbs. It took me my entire teenage life to get up to 100 lbs and I stayed at 102 until I was in my 30s, then I hit 112 and pretty much stayed there except in grad school I somehow jumped to 121 at one point. I dropped to 99 lbs this month but am now up to 106, yay.

        After I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy, I started eating meat after 20 years of vegetarianism. Best thing I ever did for my heatlh. I also read recently a doctor saying if I want to gain weight, eat like a sumo wrestler. Rice, milk then a nap. LOL! I found some lactose free milk that doesn’t bother me at all and indeed, I have successfully gained some weight there.

        Many thanks, hope all is well.

  32. That is a great list I find that Frozen Yogurt from a actual Frozen Yogurt store never bothers me, but last time I had the Breyers lactose free icecream.. trouble city. So weird.

  33. Very new to the IBS club. (I emailed you a bit ago) before going to this info page.
    What about mayonnaise ? It’s not on either list?

  34. One low FODMAP diet I found said the greek yogurt is acceptable. Have you found that to be true? Or should I stick with lactose free yogurt?

  35. I’m finally in remission and just stopped by to say THANK YOU again to Heather this blog really made a great difference keeping me optimistic (as in, not crying every single day) and making me better. I saw some poster’s questions and I’d say if your symptoms are mild, go ahead and just buy the FODMAP safe packaged food. I couldn’t – I was extremely sick and every ingredient had to be scrutinized for 6 weeks and I even made a “FODMAP safe” smoothie that nearly killed me. Coconut milk, strawberries, bananas, blueberries and I spent the next 4 hours trying not to hurl. The diet is really about finding out what you can eat, and I would never blindly buy packaged food. Always read every ingredient on the label. I did and I finally gained the 13 pounds back that I had lost and I can even eat chocolate again. Yay! Happy New Year everyone!

  36. Thanks for all of the information. I am diagnosed IBS. I have had a colonoscopy, an upper endoscopy, video endoscopy, lactose intolerance test, food allergy testing, and celiac disease tests. All were negative. A standard blood test revealed I was severely anemic. I did 5 iron infusions, and my levels have been stable for 6 months now. I also have reflux disease and take omeprazole and ranitidine daily. I have tried elimination diets before and have found that soft cheeses and milk/ice cream really bother me. So I avoid them. My problem is that I still have classic IBS symptoms. I feel like my GI Dr. is done with me. He has never mentioned SIBO to me. Should I insist on this test? Would he have discovered this while doing any of the test mentioned above, or do I have to do the breathe test? I am about to start using a nutritionist again, but I know she is going to want to do another elimination diet. I am not sure that I can handle it AGAIN… Please help.

    • Lori – I would demand everything you want from your doctor. It’s an awful feeling to be dismissed, and I went through numerous doctors to find one that actually understood my issues. But, in the end, the test may come back negative and you have to prepare yourself for that. Changing my diet was the only thing that significantly helped me, but it took a long time to get there. Good luck!

      • Lori, I had all the tests you mentioned, plus the SIBO test, and I was positive for SIBO. I did several rounds of antibiotics (which is what the doc will probably suggest). They help for a while, but they are not a good long-term solution, in my opinion. I found the Low FODMAP diet on my own, and it has virtually healed me. I never get sick any more. It is not the easiest diet to follow in the beginning, but once you figure out what you can eat, it just becomes your new normal. Good luck!

  37. Lori ..
    I am on my third GI doc .. You can’t give up .. !
    There is help out there .. This GI doctor I see now is very knowledgeable re IBS and SIBO .. I found her through my nutritionist, Kate Scarlata. I’m not sure where you live but you may want to email Kate and see if she knows of a nutritionist and/or GI doctor in your area .. I live in the Boston area where I see my GI doctor as well Kate …
    I was diagnosed with SIBO last May .. I have had two rounds of antibiotics so far but I must agree with Sara the diet has helped me the most .. I would definitely have the SIBO test ! Any doctor who won’t give it based on your diagnosis is doing you an injustice … Not worth having in my opinion .. The reason I left my first doctor was because she insisted all I needed was to add more fiber to my diet .. WRONG ! The second doctor listened and ordered test but I don’t really think she knew much about IBS or SIBO ..
    Don’t give up … There are good doctors and nutritionists out there who can and will help ..
    Let us know how you are doing ..

    • Hello!
      Thanks for the responses. I took your advice and got the SIBO test done. Guess what?!? I have SIBO! I had to ask for this test on my own. I had never heard of it, until I read about it on this site. I just took my first dose of Xifaxan… so what should I expect?? Any side effect I should be aware of??

      • Lori, I’m so glad you got a diagnosis so you can start working toward renewed health! The only side effect of the antibiotic I had was a bit of constipation. If you’ve had reactions to other antibiotics, you might have similar reactions to this one. But, as I said before, the antibiotic is a short-term solution for most people, from everything I’ve read and experienced myself. It would give me about 8-9 months without a severe attack, but then they would start happening again and I’d have them every two months, like clockwork. And I’d have weekly problems as well. The Low FODMAP diet is what really saved me. Since being on this diet, I have not been sick for nearly two years, with no antibiotics! Even though the diet is restricting, it is liberating! Good luck!

        • Hi Lori ..
          I had my first round of Xifaxan the end of June followed by a small dose of erythromicin for three months .. I found the meds very difficult .. My symptoms worsen and I had a bit of constipation as well .. However within a couple of days after finishing the antibiotic I found myself feeling much better .. About halfway through my erythromycin my symptoms started to recurr .. My doctor put me back on Xifaxan .. The meds are very difficult for me but I was determined to get through the two weeks and I did .. Again it took several days for me to feel better .. I also went back on the low dose of erythromycin which I finished mid January .. I can tell you this … the bloating is gone .. gas has lessened .. I am able to completely evacuate my bowels .. My stools look more normal .. I never have cramps anymore … I’m def better ! I .. like … Sara have been following the FODmaps diet and do work with a wonderful dietician .. I am still on the elimination phase and have been for the past six months .. However I saw my PCP last week and she wants me to start adding more foods into my diet .. I do take supplements including calcium .. I was also diagnosed with osteopenia and had a bone density test which showed a loss of bone mass so somehow I need to eat more dairy despite the fact that I am lactose intolerant and take calcium citrate daily .. I spoke briefly with my dietician and will meet with her in a couple weeks .. In the meantime she suggested lactose free yogurt as well hard cheeses which have little if any lactose .. Dairy, some veggies and fruit can be difficult for me .. Since taking meds and starting FODmaps I have been able to tolerate small amounts of fruits and cheese and have added more veggies .. I think the meds helped me but the diet is key .. It’s too early for me to know how long this second round of meds will work but I do know for sure the diet has been a huge help .. I don’t believe I will ever be able to eat like everyone else but I am eating far more than I did a year ago .. I have gained weight !
          I suggest you find yourself a dietician who is knowledgeable about the fodmaps diet .. Ask your doctor or try contacting kate Scarlata if she knows anyone in your area .. She is incredibly knowledgable as well ..
          Let us know how you are doing ..
          All the best ..

          • I should add that I have essentially stayed on the elimination phase. I saw a dietician once and need to go back to see her again with the goal of adding foods back in. I do not feel particularly limited because the way I eat has become my new normal. Amd I’m feeling great and don’t want to rock the boat. My digestive episodes were so bad that I have some fears about starting to eat other foods again because I fear they will build up in my system and eventually start causing problems again. I plan to see my regular doc to get blood work so I can look at any deficiencies I might have nutritionally. Then I plan to see my dietician again and work toward doing foods back. Esther is right about finding a dietician, but finding one who knows this diet can be difficult. If you cannot find one, I recommend getting a recommendation for a good general dietician and talking with them about this diet. If they are good, they will do some research and educate themselves about the diet to help you. That’s what the first dietician I saw did. She didn’t know the diet, but she read up on it before we met.

  38. Thanks for the advice. I have looked over the FODMAP diet many times. However, my symptoms are so annoying that I have practically given up veggies, fruits and dairy for fear of terrible gas and bloating. So, right now the FODMAP diet is not an option. I know it’s not a long term solution, but for now I am getting through. Maybe after this treatment, I will be able to try the FODMAP diet. I will ask my GI about the calcium absorption. I am also anemic. I have always wondered if the reflux meds I am on are effecting my vitamin/mineral absorption… Could it be the SIBO? I have an appointment with my GI ON 2/25/15, (after I am finished with my treatment) and I plan to ask my GI then- I have also looked into a Dietician, unfortunately my insurance company will not cover a dietician. I plan to ask my GI if he could write a letter to them- maybe that will help me get it covered!

    • I’ve read articles that connect reflux meds with causing SIBO. I was on Nexium for years and the time frame coincides with my SIBO onset, but who knows. I stopped taking Nexium in October and have not needed it. I’m NOT suggesting you stop taking yours; just noting what I’ve read, for your info. The fodmap diet eliminates foods with carbohydrates that act as food for the bacteria, so it starves the bacteria. That’s how it works. So, you might find that the fruits and veggies that are ok on the fodmap diet will work for you. It is likely the “bad” fruits and veggies that are causing your problems. Fruits and veggies seemed to cause my problems, too, until I learned which ones to eat. So, the low fodmap diet very well may be an option for you. My insurance also did not cover a dietician. That’s why I only went once. I paid out of pocket. You should absolutely talk to your doc before changing your diet, though, especially with your nutrient issues. Also, Esther’s dietician, Kate Scarlata, is amazing. She has a fabulous blog with great fodmap info. She also wrote a great article on SIBO and the low fodmap diet. Keep educating yourself about your condition and this diet, and you will find your way. I’m so glad you know what you’re dealing with now! You will get there!

    • I too took meds for acid reflux. ..
      I took Prilosec for years until I read studies had found it could cause bone fractures in women .. My doctor told me to try stopping .. I had a very mild case and have had no problem at all since stopping several years ago .. In fact I no longer have acid reflux .. My issues started shortly after I stopped taking Prilosec .. I also read it plays havoc with the bile .. In the past six months I have had multiple ultra sounds .. CT scans .. Blood work as well over and over again .. My GI doc was looking for the underlying reason why I have SIBO .. I could go and on but all the testing comes back negative .. I honestly believe it was the Prilosec that I took for years .. Admittedly I’m not a doctor so I could be wrong ..
      I would encourage you as Sara does to find a nutritionist .. Even one visit with the right nutrionist would be a big help .. She might let you email back and forth should you have questions or concerns .. As Sara says check out Kate’s blog .. She is amazing !
      Good luck Lori !
      Do let us know how you are doing ..
      All the best !

      • Thank you ladies for the info!! So, I have tried to get off the Omeprazole and Ranitidine that I am on daily. There is no way! I instantly suffer without them. Maybe after this round of antibiotics I will be able to get off?? That would be great. My list of questions for my GI is growing quickly. I am not sure how I will be able to wait until the 25th!

        • I tried to get off nexium several times before I succeeded. I still have occasional flare ups, but overall I’m doing fine without it. Take it one step at a time. Your first focus is getting the SIBO under control, then you can focus on other things. Good luck!

          • Hi Heather, Sara and Esther!
            I thought I would update you guys, and again, wanted to thank you.
            After being diagnosed w SIBO, I was put on Xifaxin. I didn’t notice any changes, and felt worse while I was on it- So my doc said try a different antibiotic, Cipro. Wow, that really messed me up. I was on day 6 of 14 yesterday, when I stopped taking it. My doc also did some blood tests (which I had to ask for) to check for deficiencies- all were negative. (except my iron is still on the low end of normal) He also gave me a script to have a bone density test (which I had to ask for). I still have to have that done.
            Anyway, I went to a new GI doc yesterday, after having a less than stellar appointment with my long time GI doc. This new doc recommended that I stop the antibiotics, and get off the Omeprazole. He thinks this is what caused the SIBO, and once the acid in my stomach begins to kill bacteria again, my symptoms should go away. He said to allow about 6 weeks to feel better.
            He also said I didn’t have to follow any specific diet. However, I think I will try the FODMAP diet. I have not been eating any fruits or veggies lately, and it is really starting to make me fat and unhappy!!
            What do you guys think?

            • Hi Lori,

              Well, I’m not a doctor, of course, so take that for what it is! But eliminating fruits and veggies from your diet cannot be good for you in the long term. Your doctor may not be familiar with the Low FODMAP diet. Many are not. When I started seeing my current doc, he gave me another round of antibiotics (which I requested, because I wanted to knock out whatever bad bacteria was in there to sort of give me a clean slate as I began the diet). I told him I wanted to attempt to tackle the SIBO with the Low FODMAP diet, and he thought that was a perfectly acceptable idea. I had been on antibiotics before, which would only help for a few months before symptoms would return. So, I had the round of antibiotics (I don’t remember which antibiotic it was) and then proceeded to work with the Low FODMAP diet. I have not had to see my doctor since then, and that was two years ago! So, I have to say that I am a huge proponent of the Low FODMAP diet. I am really intrigued that your new GI doc made the connection between your acid reflux med and SIBO. No doctor has ever suggested to me that the Nexium was the problem (I actually brought that up with his nurse practitioner who dismissed the idea), but I had read about that possible connection myself and wanted to eliminate that drug from my system. I have only been off Nexium since November. I’m starting to bring back some foods that I eliminated on the diet, and I’m doing ok. And I think I really need to bring more of them back and see how it goes. I’ve just been reluctant to do so because of how sick I used to get. But life would certainly be more enjoyable if I could go back to eating “normal” foods. I guess all I can do is try it out and if I get sick again, I always know I can come back to the FODMAP diet for relief. If you decide to try the Low FODMAP diet, see if you can find a dietician to work with. Even if they don’t know the diet, a good dietician would be willing to do some research and become familiar with it to try to help you out. At least, that was my experience. I’m so glad you updated us on how it is going for you. I have learned more from conversations like this than I ever have from a doctor! Good luck to you, and keep us posted!

            • Hi ladies!
              I thought I would update you over a month later… I have been off the Omeprazole for 6 weeks tomorrow. I am using ranitidine and gaviscon to get through. It was very hard to get off the omeprazole, the symptoms were pretty severe the first two weeks. I still suffer with burning in my esophagus after I eat, and use Gaviscon to suppress it. I was supposed to meet with my new GI doc tomorrow, but he is suddenly out of the country for at least two weeks… Just my luck!! Meanwhile, I had an appointment with a second new GI doc last Thursday. (When I left my original GI doc, I made appointments with three different docs-I am not messing around!) This second doc was horrible! Too many issues to list here- but he did want me to retake the Hydrogen breathe test. He wants to test for both hydrogen and methane, since the treatment plan is different based on the gasses you produce. Did any of you have a test that included methane? I have called around and have been told that they only have a test for hydrogen. In the meantime, I have been reading like crazy… Today I purchased HCL w Pepsin ( to increase acid production, since the Omeprazole created a low acid environment) , BCM-25 with curcumin (anti inflammatory with turmeric) and lauricidin (used to kill bacteria, a natural antibiotic). Since my new doc is out of the country, and my third doc appointment isn’t until May, I thought I would try these. Well, I purchased them, and am not scared to take them!! Have you ladies ever tried any of these supplements??
              The reason I started reading like crazy is because I don’t have a doc to talk to at the moment, and I am extremely bloated and still gaining, not losing! I excersise like crazy and I am only getting bigger! Do you think this could be from die off symptoms? I read that when the bacteria dies you can experience bloating … Sorry to u load on you! Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

            • Hi Lori,

              Just because we went off our antacid meds doesn’t mean that is necessarily a good idea for you. Did a doctor tell you to go off the antacid meds or did you just do it because we talked about it here? You should prob talk to a doc to make sure it is ok. Reflux can cause serious problems. I never took any supplements so I can’t speak to those. And i cant really remember my breath test. It was years ago. Hope the next doc is more helpful.

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            • Yes, my new GI doc told me to stop the Omeprozole. Thanks for asking! I decided to wait to take the supplements- I will see what this next breathe test shows, and what the doc recommends.

  39. I’m just starting this diet and am wondering if KIND bars are ok? Also what about almond ice cream? I’m confused when looking at packaged foods to know what is ok. Thanks for any help!

    • With KIND bars, check all the ingredients… typically most granola/fruit bars are out due to dried fruits, wheat, barley, and/or honey. I would avoid almond ice cream (due to lactose and almonds) and stick to Lactose-free varieties.

  40. Hi Lori and Hi Sara ..
    First I must say I think finding a knowledgeable GI doctor is not easy if you have IBS or SIBO .. Don’t give up! It’s not uncommon to try several and maybe more before finding the right one.
    Lori .. I had a hard time with the Xifaxan .. I have had two rounds and neither was easy for me .. Fortunately my dietician had told me it could be difficult. She kept saying to remember it’s for 14 days .. I must admit that’s what I did .. It wasn’t easy for sure .. It is the first drug of choice .. However .. it gave me a few months of relief but to be honest not complete relief .. I followed the elimination diet which I still do .. I had much less bloating and gas .. I felt better overall .. Symptoms retuned within months .. I had my second doze in September and followed with three months of low dose erythromycin .. I’m going to see my GI doctor on Monday because my symptoms are def back .. I’m thinking she may try another round but not sure ..
    I am no doctor but I feel strongly it was the Prilosec/Omeprazole that caused my SIBO as well .. I’m not sure if it is reversible .. I have read studies that have linked it to SIBO too ..
    I would definitely try to get off if you can .. I’m not sure SIBO will disappear if you are able to stop but please let us know … That would be wonderful ! I haven’t taken for several years and I still have SIBO .. That said .. Everyone is different ! I would also urge you to take a good look at the FODmaps diet .. Try it on your own for a few days and see if there is relief .. I have mentioned before but I see a wonderful dietician .. Kate Scarlata .. who you might want to talk to as well .. Because of the weather here in the Northeast this winter we had an appointment over the phone .. Maybe that would work for you or at least help to get you started .. It is a great idea to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet every single day .. Some are easier for us to handle than others .. Take a look at the diet and start with small amounts to be sure your choices are safe and not triggers .. I also downloaded the Monash University Low FODmaps app which I have found very helpful ..
    Remember tho everyone is different so always start with small amounts ..
    I have to say I found Sara to be extremely helpful as I began my own SIBO journey .. It makes a huge difference to be able connect with others who also have SIBO …
    Kudos to Sara !
    Lori please do keep us posted ….
    Good luck …

  41. I’m still at the “mostly in tears” stage of the FODMAP elimination diet. It helps–but I’m struggling. I’m a good cook, but at 70, the thought of making my own broth, pasta sauces, etc., etc. doesn’t appeal. I had a strong reaction to fructans, no reaction to lactose, and am having trouble with the fructose portion of the diet because I don’t know if stress is playing a larger role than food right now. I’ve tried several FODMAP-friendly recipes. They make tons, and my husband and I hated them. The GF bread is tiny, pricey, and icky. After two months of struggle, I can hardly face meal planning. There are only two FODMAP-qualified dietitians in Colorado–neither near me.

    With no reaction to lactose, can I add it back in, or should I stay off it until I can finish the elimination diet? I figure another month to go.

    • If you’re not reacting to lactose, you should be OK to continue to use it. However, as soon as you have symptoms, try to exclude it and see if that’s the culprit. Good luck!

  42. Thank for list of brand name foods. DeLand Millet Potato Bread has wheat and gluten in it. I purchased a loaf on my own last week. I read the ingredients, it did not list any fodmap ingredients, but elsewhere on the label says it has wheat and gluten.

  43. Heather, I just wanted to say thank you for all the valuable info on your site. I just spent a couple hours reading, copy/pasting and printing lists, recipes etc. I love salads and kudos for the salad dressing recipes. I also like how you simplified things with your lists, and the brand names packaged food recommendations. Can’t forget about the Mac & Cheese recipe either. I was a little depressed and confused seeing my limitations with this diet, until I read many of the posts here with such positive results. It makes me determined to get this figured out and start feeling better again. I just saw my 3rd GI Dr. in the last four years Monday and he recommended this diet. At this point I’m ready to try anything. It is also nice to read that others have struggled to find a GI who treats the IBS problem seriously. I had one GI Dr. say to me after my EGD came back negative and I asked “then what is causing my bloating” and he said “we treat patients with bloating every day.” Like it was no big deal and I was wasting his time with such a common problem!

  44. I found a great granola at Trader Joe’s called Trader Joe’s gluten free granola cranberry maple nut. the monash app says l tablespoon of dried cranberries are ok, and the granola serving has less than that. I also found a similar granola here made by Bakery On Main from East Hartford CT. Very yummy and makes a great snack as well as a lf yougurt topping for breakfast.

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