My Favorite Low FODMAP Items

Many people ask me… “so what CAN you eat?” Great question from those who are unfamiliar with my diet, but I don’t think they really understand how a question like that can impact someone with dietary restrictions in a negative way. Usually, I just say “plenty of fresh foods” and that ends the conversation without getting too graphic.

However, for those that are on the low FODMAP diet, I often get the question of “what are your favorite low FODMAP items?” That question I am happy to answer with a long list that mirrors my weekly shopping list. I have also provided some information on getting started and sample low FODMAP meals which can be a great way to ease into the diet.

Favorite Low FODMAP Items

You’ll notice that I shop frequently at Trader Joe’s and have come to find some great, low cost, hidden gems. Luckily, Trader Joe’s is located 3 blocks from my apartment, but if you’re not as lucky to have a TJ’s in your area, you can most likely find similar products elsewhere, but they may cost a bit more.

My Favorite Low FODMAP Items:

Breads & Cereals:

Meats & Protein:

  • Fresh or Frozen Chicken
  • Fresh Ground Turkey
  • Fresh Sliced Ham Ensure it doesn’t contain honey.
  • Fresh Sliced Turkey Breast
  • Extra Large Eggs Extra large eggs are better for gluten free baking over medium or large eggs.

Starches & Grains:

  • Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Fusilli. Only $1.99/pound! I use this for all my pasta needs. It’s great in soup.
  • Potatoes I buy them in the 10lb bag.
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice In the freezer section. Heats in the microwave in 3 minutes. 
  • Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Brown or White Rice Cups Great for a work lunch/snack.
  • Uncle Ben’s Original Long Grain Brown or White Ready Rice
  • Betty Crocker Mashed Potato Buds

Fruits & Vegetables:

  • Fresh Lettuce
  • Fresh Spinach
  • Fresh Baby Carrots
  • Fresh Cucumbers
  • Fresh Red Bell Peppers
  • Fresh Tomatoes
  • Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Tomatoes with Green Chiles (Canned)
  • Del Monte Petite Diced Tomatoes(Canned)
  • Canned Sliced Black Olives
  • Fresh Chives
  • Fresh Basil
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Fresh Cilantro

Sauces & Spices:


Baked Goods & Baking Ingredients:

Salty Snacks:

  • Glutino Gluten Free PretzelsLow FODMAP Products A favorite of mine! Most people don’t even know they’re Gluten Free!
  • Popchips, OriginalLow FODMAP Products  These are ideal in a pinch at an airport or gas station. Trader Joe’s also has a brand that works, too.
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil
  • Trader Joe’s Original Kettle Corn
  • Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Kettle Cooked Potato Chips  Due to the fat content, I limit my servings of this.
  • Crunchmaster Original Gluten Free Multi-Seed CrackersLow FODMAP Products  My go-to cracker with sliced cheese.
  • Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Granola BarsLow FODMAP Products  (Peanut Butter & Almond)  I always have one of these with me. They are delicious and convenient. However, these do contain almonds (fructans). They don’t affect me too much, but if they do to you, avoid them.


Other Food:


  • Heather’s Tummy Tamers Peppermint Oil CapsulesHeather's Tummy Tamers Peppermint Oil Capsules Studies have shown that peppermint soothes cramps and eases abdominal pain within the digestive tract, so I take these before risky meals or when I am not feeling my best.
  • Konsyl Natural Fiber SupplementKonsyl Natural Fiber My doctor suggested this and I saw significant improvement (prior to going on the low FODMAP diet). I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Nature Made Fish Oil with Omega-3 There’s so many benefits to this supplement and since I am not a big seafood eater, I don’t get fish oil naturally.

Got a product that you think I will like? I would love to hear about it!


82 thoughts on “My Favorite Low FODMAP Items

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! Lately my IBS has been flaring up again and your website and humor made me not feel like a flatulent freak. Going to try easing off the milk and gluten products and see if it helps. Look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Paige! I thought celery was safe as well (based on all the information I found), but after downloading the Monash University FODMAP app, it told me that only 1oz (1/2 stalk) of celery contains high amounts of polyol-mannitol and should be avoided. I think it’s one of those items that was tested later and that why you see conflicting information.

  2. What do you mix the Konsyl with in the mornings…? My son’s dietitian said no fruit juices, but it is difficult to take with water (in my opinion).

    • I agree that the Konsyl is difficult to take with water. I take it with Vitamin Water Zero or Powerade Zero. Each contains less than 1% natural flavors and I have never had any issues with them making me ill. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for sharing so much information! I am just starting to figure out the low Fodmap diet and was feeling overwhelmed until I found your site.

  4. Thank you for your site. I’m feeling very overwhelmed by the low FODMAP diet. What about using oils such as Sunflower or grapeseed?

  5. Have you found a store-bought salad dressing that works for you? I cannot find one without onion or garlic in it. But at the same time it’s a pretty small serving size….

  6. Bobs Red Mill GF flour is made with bean flours. I don’t think I would risk trying that. Have you tried Domata all purpose flour? I like it.

  7. Thank you so much for the information, I am so grateful I found you! I have been overwhelmed with the fodmap diet so far. I actually cried at the health food store looking for things I could eat lol! On my way to trader joe’s now! Thanks again

  8. I see that both almonds and soy beans are on the high list. Since dairy is out, and rice milk is so watery, and I’m afraid coconut milk will hurt my gut, what is left to put on cereal and in coffee?

      • I’m also new to FODMAP as of 2 days ago. I tried Lactaid and it made me feel as bad as when I drank regular milk. The lactose free milk that works for me is Walmart brand (Great Value), Winn Dixie brand, and Organic Valley. Hope this helps and I’m so glad I found this site. Thx Heather!

  9. Hello new to the low fodmap ! So far I am feeling so much better! I have a few questions. What about great northern beans, can we eat those? Also I was eating granola that I thought wa ok but found out it has honey in the ingredients , should I stop eating it? Thank you so much for your website it has been so helpful. I was overwhelmed till I found your site!

    • Great northern beans have not been tested, however, I would image they are similar to other beans and are likely high FODMAP. Honey is high FODMAP and should be avoided while in the elimination phase, so you should stop eating the granola.

  10. Why is chocolate liquor ok, but not cocoa? Isn’t the liquor based on the cocoa? I was thinking chocolate was just out. (For which I was wondering how I would manage).

  11. Thank you for this list. My doctor just diagnosed me with IBS (after 7 years of symptoms) and suggested this diet. I know the elimination phase is only 6-8 weeks but I’ve been really discouraged, thinking it’s impossible especially since I have 2 little kids and we always do family meals. Luckily I already do most of my shopping at TJ and am more optimistic with your list. Another extra thanks for the pesto recipe. That is one of our favorite family meals – one of the few all our picky eaters like.

  12. This is great, it’s so helpful and podpsitive. I started the low fodmap about a year ago and it changed my life:) unfortunately not so much now. But I’m going to stick to it agin with total regiment and see if it gets better again. I bought a great cookery book from Amazon by Sue Shepherd, the meals are tasty and there are so many ideas….I guess it’s kiss goodbye to eating out for a couple of months though:(
    Well done Heather👍

  13. I have been sick for 5 years and after testing, gallbladder removal which was diseased, and 4 gastro doctors I am still suffering. Just started Fodmap diet yesterday and I thought gluten free was hard. Thank you for your information and continue sharing. Eating out and traveling is going to be a challenge.

    • Hi Pam, my name is Tori. I too have been dealing with this for over 4-5 years. I have a gastro doctor now that diagnosed me with IBS. I tell you it has been rough and scary to think, what I eat may upset my stomach throughout the day. I am a teacher trying to understand how to make this work while in the classroom. I have a 16 year old and a 9 year old and trying to buy separate items has become a chore. If you have any insight, since your story is so similar, please share what you know. Thanks in advance.
      By the way, if anyone else would like to share, I’d gladly appreciate your input.

      • Have you read “IBS – Free at Last!” by Patsy Catsos, MS, RD, LD ?

        This book tells you how to do an elimination diet, then add back in each potentially offending group to see which ones actually affect you and which ones do not. This can be a great help in figuring out your diet, as it may lift the burden in some areas. For example, while my son has fructose malabsorption, he has no problem with lactose, so he can eat many of the gluten free treats that someone eliminating everything cannot.

  14. Hi Heather,
    I noticed on the ice cream the third ingredient is corn syrup. Is that different from HFCS? I have been wanting to buy it the past year but I was worried about that one ingredient.
    Thank you so much! Grace be with you! Michele
    P.S. Do you know of safe cough drops or a hard candy? I also have Lupus and I get ulcers down my throat and need something to sooth that problem. 🙂

  15. For items such as the potato buds or other items that call for milk in the recipe, do you just use rice milk? Does it still turn out okay? Thanks for your help! I’m very new to this and have loved exploring your site the past couple of days!

  16. I am very glad that I have found you, I have started eating better now although it is only day two I have been struggling for years with my IBS and my weight I want to eat healthy but there is only so much of something you can eat!

    How are you/everyone with mozerella and feta cheese, I had this the other day but did not get any symptoms! I am such a big fan of all cheeses.

    I really want to stick at this because hopefully I will have more energy etc. I find it really hard though as my partner cooks for me everyday during the week and I think he may get a bit stressed if he has to cook two different meals every night although I am thinking of making batches of food that I can just warm up. Also money is worrying me because he will have to buy so much for his food and as will I …. how do you get by doing that??

    • Thank goodness cheese is not an issue for me! To save money, we try to stick to the basics and grow some of our own foods. I tend to stay away from the pricier products and Whole Foods, and only purchase the expensive products when I feel like I need them.

  17. Just thanking you for this site, it’s a life saver. Was feeling depressed with a recent gastro flu and acute symptoms, but I’m feeling hopeful now. Anyone suffering from anxiety with their gut issues?
    Blessings to all, thank you Heather!

    • My Aunt unfortunately is having some anxiety right now dealing with her IBS. We are all trying to keep her spirits up while she navigates what she can eat now. Keep your head up, this site is a great place to start!

    • My aunt is having anxiety dealing with her IBS. We are trying to be super supportive as she figures out what she can eat. Keep your head up, this site is a great place to start!

  18. Hi Heather,
    I use Yerba Prima Colon Care loose powder for the same purpose as you use the Konsyl, it’s much less expensive and works the same way.

  19. I saw a dietician and she told me that sprouted grain breads and sour dough seem to be okay for most. I really like Food For Life Genesis 1:29 sprouted grain and seed bread. The only way I can find it is frozen so I mostly use it for toast and I love it for toast & peanut butter. I have had trouble finding foods for snacks so will try some of your suggestions. I do like Cheetos but try to limit them to a small amount at a time. Thanks for your blog.

    • I forgot to mention that garlic infused olive oil is great for making salad dressings and to cook with. The garlic in it pretty intense so start out with small amounts. The garlic only flavors the oil. I found it at Walmart.

  20. The supplements I take are Melaleuca “Powered by Oligo”. (Check them out on Could this be the reason I’m having IBS-D problems?

    • I used to take Melaleuca supplements, but I stopped when I found out I had borderline fructose mal-absorption because their claim to fame is that they combine the vitamin to a fructose molecule in order to get the cells to absorb them better. That being said, giving them up did not cure my IBS. I have not gone to the trouble to do the elimination diet that would really tell me what things I have to avoid. But I did take a fructose test, which is just like a lactose test, so I know that one is out for me.

      Careful not to give up vitamins, though. That led me to leg cramps. If it ain’t one thing, it’s another! 😉

      • PS. Beware of prebiotics in your probiotics. They are frequently the very things we are trying to avoid. And avoid inulin in your fiber.

  21. Just wondering why you use boxed instant mashed potatoes rather than just making them from whole potatoes? I would think that homemade would be more nutritious. Is it a matter of convenience for you?

  22. Hi Heather,

    This is my second post. The rice cakes that I bought were the wrong flavor and were not allowed, you kindly told me it was because they contained milk. I purchased the GF Crunchy chocolate chip cookies recently (same as your image above) but this also includes cream [milk]? Is there a difference here?


  23. I am SOOOO thankful that I found this site. I am so overwhelmed – thinking that I can eat is ice cubes;). I have purchased several books and contradict some foods – specifically strawberries. Advice? I am looking forwarded to some much needed support.

  24. Hi Heather I am enjoying reading your blog and replies from other fellow sufferers with IBS. I live in UK so many of the products recommended are difficult to find here, any ideas /

  25. Your website is extremely usefull. I presently am on the eliminiation phase of Fodmap.
    What are some of the symptoms if a food does not agree with you?
    I am eating some Gluten products such as bread and rice. They both agree with me.
    I also have about 5 ounces of milk daily and that does not bother me.
    Are cramps the only sign that a food does not agree with me.
    Thanks for all your help.
    Ellye Ovedia

  26. After a few days on the elimination portion I was really missing cookies. The Trader Joe’s ones are incredible, thanks for sharing!

  27. I went low FODMAP 5 weeks ago. I also cut my coffee creamer which was sugar free but i read that Coffeemate creamers have something in them that triggers IBS. It was hard to say the least, my husband didn’t get it even after watching me suffer and literally pass out several times and be hauled off to the ER because of it. I cleaned the pantry, gave myself my own shelf and started. Results, after 2 weeks i started feeling human. After 3, the D stopped and my energy soared . By week 5, i felt amazing! This is the only thing that has worked for me. I’ve seen specialists, had more tests than i can count and all anyone ever did was hand out pills and send me home. Thank God i found this diet, b please give it a try, it truly is s miracle for me.

  28. I am new to the fodmap diet and have been following it for about 2 months. It can be hard at times but it is so worth it because I am feeling so much better. Thank you for sharing your favorites on here. For mints, I have found the Starlight mints at the dollar store are amazing. They do not contain sorbitol and actually have peppermint oil in them.

  29. Hi!

    Artichokes seem to be the worst for me. In fact that’s how I found your blog. I was Googling around the www about why I feel bad after eating a boiled artichoke. I’m very near-vegan. I had never seen your list before, and I’m worried. But I know this: boiled artichokes are out! I think mushrooms may be second on my list; but I cook with them at least once a week.

    I always figured eating vegan or near-vegan would make my IBS better. My doctor incouraged me to eat sauteed veggies back in 1978, and I’ve always done so. 😦

  30. Thank you for this site. A great help reading all quotes. Will now incorporate this info to aid in recurring bladder infections also.

  31. Hi. Soooo glad I found your site listed on Pinterest!!! I’m new to IBS Diet (low Fodmap) 60 yrs old and not happy regarding food changes and some foods I simply don’t like that I originally thought I had to change to. I live in Canada so some of what you suggested we don’t get, or rather, not in my area. I’m still learning what “normal” foods I can eat and which I am unable to. Wheat flour is a definite no-no, but when I’m out I do cheat, then pay later. It seems restaurants are still in the learning stages for people like me. Dairyland makes a lactose free milk that I swear I cannot tell the difference, except in the price. What normally costs for 4L of milk I pay + for 2 L. I’m glad to see and be able to compare what your ‘grocery list’ would look like, that’s awesome. Lets me know more about what I can try and have tried and seen that you have as well. I rarely read web pages from top to bottom but yours has me totally captivated with all your information.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!

  32. I am going to start the low Fodmap diet in 5 days. Trying to get prepared with pantry full and recipe strategy. I purchased the FODMAP app and it is so helpful but still have a few questions:
    1. Appears that grapeseed oil is ok because I see it in your zucchini muffin recipe
    2. I currently have protein shakes often for breakfast, any recommendations
    3. I take a lot of supplements (vitamins and minerals), many of which are plant derived. I was planning to stop everything except a multi vitamin (I bought form Melaleuca and Life Extension) and calcium (Melaleuca), and Phage Probiotics from Life Extension.
    Was wondering about added Magnesium, vit D, and whether to continue taking Digestive Enzymes from Life Extension
    4. Is there any limit on the amount of coffee one can drink?
    5. I purchased Karma Kafe – a Keto Creamer and was hoping it is low fodmap. Here are the ingredients: Coconut milk powder, coconut oil, MCT oil, grass fed butter, natural flavors, vanilla extract, himalayan pink salt
    I know this is a lot to ask, but thank you for your time.

  33. Wondering if shiratake noodles are low-FODMAP? Google search turns up nada. These are also known as konjac noodles, made of yam starch, they are amazing, zero calorie/fat/carb/gluten, seem to be made of air but taste much better, have a texture similar to rice noodles more than wheat-based noodles. They absorb flavors from whatever cooked with so better on the 2nd day, I use them for Thai chicken soup. Anyone know?

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